KC Therapeutics

Kinesio & Compassion

If you experience tight muscles that restrict your range of motion or produce pain, a massage could be beneficial. Additionally, massage lessens our response to everyday stressors by reducing anxiety and promoting improved quality of life.

Massage Services

-Swedish and/or Deep Tissue – 1 hour or 90 minutes

-Craniosacral – 1 hour or 90 minutes

-Visceral Manipulation – 30 minutes

-Scar Tissue Release – 30 minutes or 1 hour

-Pregnancy Massage – 1 hour or 90 minutes

-Prices comparable to local massage therapist

-To schedule, please call 413-217-4041

Kate has been practicing massage in the Pioneer Valley since 2012. She is a skilled massage therapist who specializes in many forms of massage. She creates a unique and individualized service for each client at every visit.