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Kinesio & Compassion

Visceral manipulation is a manual therapy that works with the internal organs such as the stomach, intestines, liver, lungs and reproductive system. Regular functions of the body such as breathing, digestion and muscle-based movement makes for constant motion of the internal organs.

When everything is working the way it should be, these organs move easily, sliding over each other or within the confines of the surrounding connective tissue seamlessly. However, when there is an imbalance in the body these connective tissues can get sticky, creating adhesions that pull on the attached organ. Over time, the areas of pull start to get irritated impeding the organ’s natural movement, and causing discomfort, reduced function and sometimes pain.

Therapists who practice Visceral Manipulation are trained in finding these places of adhesion and releasing them with gentle, hands on manipulation that is slow and precise. This increases blood flow to the areas that are stuck, allowing the organs to resume working in the way they’re supposed to. Treatment is gentle, non-invasive and catered to meet the needs of each individual’s body. Some describe feeling a sense of warmth and relaxation after treatment.